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#SupportTowsonDebate will be attending @Harvard debate tournament

If you read my previous post, I’m happy to report that they WILL be attending the tournament. Read more at   Advertisements

White Student Union affiliated university @TowsonU won’t send students of color to @Harvard after successful @kickstarter campaign.

Read more at The Towson University Debate Team has a storied history of national success using an emphasis on racial and social justice. This was launched by a national championship in 2008 that helped to propel a historically elite, white activity into ongoing and rigorous conversations about the legacy of white supremacy in society. […]

I get my news from @ComedyCentral: Republican Racism with @aasif

Don Yelton was fired. Related articles Don Yelton, GOP Precinct Chair, Delivers Most Baldly Racist Daily Show Interview of All Time ( The “lazy black people” Daily Show interview that cost a North Carolina GOPer his party job (Video) ( GOP Chair Loses Job After ‘Racist’ Daily Show Interview (

@alexj81 racism = supidity

I guess it just needs to be broken down to it’s simplest form.

‘Africa’-Themed Party Features #KKK, Elephant and #BlackFace Costumes

‘Africa’-Themed Party Features #KKK, Elephant and #BlackFace Costumes This is why I created this blog. Utter fuckery.  

Give Us Free: White South Africans March Against Oppressive Black Government #StopWhiteGenocide

Originally posted at White South Africans took to the streets on Thursday to march against the oppression they endure at the hands of black rule, even though whites in the country have consistently taken in the lion’s share of income even after apartheid was abolished in 1990. The descendents of Dutch whites, who call […]

The only Christopher we acknowledge is Wallace…#columbusday