Give Us Free: White South Africans March Against Oppressive Black Government #StopWhiteGenocide

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White South Africans took to the streets on Thursday to march against the oppression they endure at the hands of black rule, even though whites in the country have consistently taken in the lion’s share of income even after apartheid was abolished in 1990.

The descendents of Dutch whites, who call themselves Africaners, marched to protest the murders of white farmers and released red balloons in memory of white murder victims. There were no black balloons released in memory of the blacks who perished during apartheid.

Those who were marching said white farmers in the country are victims of “inhumane slaughter” and they called on the government to “Stop White Genocide!”

 Protesters claim that whites have suffered since apartheid ended.


“No farmer, no food, no future,” they chanted.


“We call upon the South African government to take action against the inhumane slaughter and oppression of the white South African ethnic minority,” read a flyer from the “Red October” campaign, according to Agence France-Presse.

In addition, they also called upon the government to segregate them from blacks, giving them their own territory. They also want to make it against the law for anyone to refer to whites in the country as “settlers” or “colonialists”, even though that’s factually accurate.

“We stayed to become a beautiful new South Africa. Most of us tried to keep (seeing) the positive side and not look at what’s happening,” said Afrikaans singer Maritza, who also attended the march.


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