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@Pharrell interview with @breakfastclubam – A blind eye to #colorism

Preview of Pharrell’s Interview with The Breakfast Club. Pharrell said that the racially ambiguous girl next to him was a black girl….For a person to talk about not perpetuating the “ridiculous standards and images the media puts out for women” and then be conservative in his approach by not putting a “clear” black women on […]

“@SpikeLee doesn’t ‘rant’, he tells the truth about white folks gentrifying Afrikan neighborhoods” – @rwinbush

“Spike doesn’t ‘rant’, he tells the truth about white folks gentrifying Afrikan neighborhoods all over the nation because crime, drugs and long commutes plague the ‘burbs. ” – Dr. Ray Winbush, Director of The Warrior Institute (TWI) at Morgan State University Here’s the thing: I grew up here in Fort Greene. I grew up here in […]

Answer the call….

Who is @ChokweLumumba? #RestinPower #BHM #BlackHistoryMonth

Those that know me, know that I want to be a lawyer. Here’s my inspiration: “Malcolm wanted to be a lawyer, and he was told by his teacher that wasn’t a realistic profession for him,” Lumumba said. “I decided to become the kind of lawyer Malcolm would have been.” – Source: Remembering “America’s Most […]

#Friday Attire inspired by @dangerousNegro #afrikan

Feel free to read the post I reblogged on the difference between “African v. Afrikan”.

“Afrika” vs. “Africa”

Originally posted on The Afrikan Website:
As you may have noticed, i spell Afrika with a “k” instead of a “c”. That is because of something i recently read and agree with. “In the spelling Afrika, a ‘k’ is used rather than a ‘c’ because for many activists the “k” represents an acknowledgment that ‘Africa’…

@msjwilly hates bleach….me too. #BHM