@Pharrell interview with @breakfastclubam – A blind eye to #colorism

Preview of Pharrell’s Interview with The Breakfast Club.

Pharrell said that the racially ambiguous girl next to him was a black girl….For a person to talk about not perpetuating the “ridiculous standards and images the media puts out for women” and then be conservative in his approach by not putting a “clear” black women on the cover, seems like, at least to me, that I have to be a light-skinned black women to be considered marketable. I think Pharrell gets it but is copping out to the “bigger issue of women’s right” to avoid addressing it. Colorism is a real issue in the black community and ignoring it’s existence causes the issue to fester. If you didn’t want to put a Lupita on the cover, cool, but don’t pretend that dark-skinned black women have the same level of exposure as light-skinned black women. That’s a lie. Admit it’s a lie. Take the criticism and help heal this divide in our community.#mytwocents

What proceeded was a short dialogue with a person on my FaceBook:

  • Visitor: aren’t we all alittle racially ambiguous ??
    Visitoradditional is it not good enough or fulfilling enough that his Mother is Black his Wife is Black and a women RUNS his company who is also Black?
  • Gondeaf: “The Autobiography of an Ex-Colored Man” by James Weldon Johnson >>> until the entire world can “pass’ and not be demonized due to the potency of their skin, no..we’re not. It’s about image and perception, not his mother and wife. Will you seriously not consider that colorism plays a huge role on what the media puts out?
    Gondeaf: please take a look at this article (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/…/skin-tone-bias_n…) and thank you for posting the previous link.
  • Study Claims People Remember Educated Black Men As Lighter-Skinned


    The black community is no stranger to the deep-seated issues of colorism, so the

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