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‘Saturday Night Live’ unveils ‘Black Jeopardy’ on Louis CK episode


#Whiteface vs. #SkinBleaching @nickcannon @marclamonthill @aamer_rahman @NiggaTheory #reverseracism

I wonder, if white people are offended by Nick Cannon’s white face, should they be equally offended by people of color who bleach their skin?

@Nas and @MichaelEDyson at @Georgetown #hiphop #scholars

I’m mad this wasn’t heavily publicize in the POC community.  I caught a whiff of it via Facebook a few hours before it started. I tell ya, you’ve reached a “new level” of recognition when you’re invited to talk about hip-hop to a bunch of white people; that stamp of White Elitism brings credibility to the surge of […]

@HoustonPress article about the #AffordableCollegeTextbookAct by @SenatorDurbin and @alfranken #oerusa #ACTA

I can’t believe it’s been 8 years since I’ve been quoted in an article… “This type of bill would turn higher education back into a social good instead of a business because it’s forcing teachers to be what they’re suppose to be in the first place which is not business people but teachers,” said Martinez. […]

Icons: Women of the Black Panther Party

Originally posted on The Progress:
Kathleen Clever stands next to the Black Panther’s co-founder Bobby Seale. Image courtesy of thestrugglefortheworld.wordpress The voices of those in the Black Panther movement had to be strong, loud, and relentless if they were going to go against the power of a government backed by a nation so engrained in…

@marclamonthill @aamer_rahman @NiggaTheory talk about #whiteface on @HuffPostLive #dropsmic

“Will we ever get to a world, where we can see that everything isn’t the same for everyone?” – @marclamonthill I was very pleased with this discussion. I feel bad for the white guy on the show though, it seems that white guilt got the best of him. smh. @aamer_rahman by far was the best […]

“Are you racist?” @KIWIRABBITFRU #CommonWhitegirlTag

I died laughing when I watched this video, enjoy!