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“No free negro shall come, reside in, or be within this states…the legislature shall provide by penal law for the removal of all such negro and for their exclusion from the State.” – 1857, Oregon State Constitution (not repealed until 1926).

The Black Portlanders is about celebrating the presence, lives, and dreams of Black people here in Portland, Oregon… no matter what. It’s celebrating Black presence in a state where we were told we were never meant to exist and certainly not to thrive.

The Black Portlanders has a goal of introducing the stories and dreams of Black Portlanders to the world. At this moment, I’m in the midst of a great challenge and fight to keep this project going. I am in the last hours of an Indiegogo campaign to fund the continuance of The Black Portlanders. We are raising a total of $15,000 for essential equipment, development funds, and to save a crucial crashed hard drive that holds the entire first 8 months of The Black Portlanders. Yes.

We must reach our goal by 11:59 TONIGHT The Help Movienday 3/10). ‪”

Click here to donate.

Click here to read the entire open letter.


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