#GarifunaHeritageMonth starts TOMORROW! Hispanic, Latino, Or Afro-Latino ? @nprnews @TellMeMoreNPR #barbershop

I came across this NPR conversation that took place in 2009. It tries to address whether people with Spanish ties want to be identified as Hispanic or Latinos. What I found interesting and encouraging was that race was placed on the forefront of the discussion. Thank you Roland Roebuck. As we begin Garifuna Heritage Month, I commission you to read and learn about the Garifuna culture. As a distinct group of the Afro-Latino community, Garifunas have used their language and cultural attributes to shine light on the rich history of Afro-Latinos. Garifuna Heritage Month is Afro-Latino Heritage Month.

As for the controversial Ruben Navarrette, here’s his list of “10 things…Hispanic immigrants… should do to improve their relationship with the U.S.”:

  1.  All immigrants should enter legally.
  2. Learn English.
  3. Don’t feel entitled to anything.
  4. Don’t play the victim.
  5. Assimilate.
  6. Accept conditions to become legal.
  7. Challenge both political parties.
  8. Teach your children that education is indispensable.
  9. Earn citizenship, then register and vote.
  10. Put down roots. Give up this fantasy of returning home.

Click here for the transcript and audio of the discussion. 

Here’s a list of the participants: 

Michel Martin,TELL ME MORE from NPR News (Host)

Ruben Navarrette (Syndicated Columnist)

Roland Roebuck (Activist)

Gustavo Arellano (Columnist)

Luis Clemens, TELL ME MORE from NPR News (Planning Editor)


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