From The Slave Ship To The Spaceship: 10 Important Figures Mentioned On Jay Electronica’s “We Made It (Remix)” (LIST)

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jay-z-jay-electronica.jpg “N*gga we made it from slaves on a slave ship/ Live from the cotton fields, straight to the spaceship.” – Jay Electronica

Jay Electronica and Jay Z’sunexpected collaboration, the “We Made It (Remix),” was a nice surprise on Sunday morning, and despite all the attention Jay Z’s “Mrs. Drizzy” line received, the “We Made It (Remix)” is deeper than rap.

Over the years, Jay Elec fans know that when you’re listening to the “Exhibit C” emcee, you better #StayWoke. From Minister Louis Farrakhan name drops to mentions of Yakub, both Jays referenced many religious figures and cited various black ideologies.

We know some of you are confused as what “Ashadu Allah Ilaha Illallah Wa Ayshadu Anna Muhammad Rasulullah” means, so we broke it down for you in the gallery below.

Enlighten yourself.


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