Define #ReverseRacism @NickCannon @aamer_rahman

Kudos to @NickCannon response to all the backlash he is receiving for  his “white face”. This uproar prompted me to wonder if people believe/know/accept #ReverseRacism does/doesn’t exist.



I didn’t use the Wikipedia definition because it sounded like a white person wrote it 😉 LOL jk (or am I???) . No, but here’s the most objective definition I could find:

Reverse racism is discrimination against the dominant racial group in a society.

I swear whoever coined his term intended it to be a pun, right?. Am I really suppose to believe that the majority could feel subordinated, discriminated, prejudiced, and attacked by those in the minority, so much so, might I add, that we “little” people must be shamed and called..*plays dramatic music* REVERSE RACISTS?!?!


Reverse racism does not exist because it can not exist.  The majority can not be subordinated. THE ARE THE MAJORITY. This term an oxymoron and is, within itself, a slap in the face to those that are marginalized and subjected to racial injustice.

Granted, White people are our fellowman and we are all members of the human race regardless of our pigmentation, but equating the racial injustice people of color have endured (and are still enduring) to your feelings being hurt when they display the extent of your white privilege, is insulting. So long as people of color will have to carry the indignation of their past, the majority will have to cope with their ancestors’ decisions.

What are your thoughts? Before you answer, watch the video.

 Oh and remember this post…yeah.


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