@marclamonthill @aamer_rahman @NiggaTheory talk about #whiteface on @HuffPostLive #dropsmic

“Will we ever get to a world, where we can see that everything isn’t the same for everyone?” – @marclamonthill

I was very pleased with this discussion. I feel bad for the white guy on the show though, it seems that white guilt got the best of him. smh.

@aamer_rahman by far was the best representation of the mindset of young people of color when it comes race relations.

@NiggaTheory dropped MAD knowledge regarding the identity of the speaker and reverse racism.

In conclusion, say what you want, do as you please, but be prepared for the BLACKlash. Don’t ignore the historical and social contexts of your actions. If you’re not sure about the history (or if there is a history) don’t do it.

Needless to say, what amazes me the most of all from this is the fact that white people decided to place people of color on the same pedestal as themselves! For a brief moment we were all equal and my words/actions hurt you as much as yours hurt me. Bask in the bliss while you still can, soon enough Wiggers calling themselves “Niggas” will be the norm again.

Click here to view the interview.




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