@HoustonPress article about the #AffordableCollegeTextbookAct by @SenatorDurbin and @alfranken #oerusa #ACTA

I can’t believe it’s been 8 years since I’ve been quoted in an article…

“This type of bill would turn higher education back into a social good instead of a business because it’s forcing teachers to be what they’re suppose to be in the first place which is not business people but teachers,” said Martinez.


Great article by Garifuna-American journalist, Haydee Clotter,  read the full article here:

The Affordable College Textbook Act is a bill that would create grants for colleges and universities to provide free textbooks online in collaboration with professors and other organizations. The books would be licensed to the public where they would be able to customize and distribute the material as they please.”

“The bill would also require higher education institutions to sell books individually instead of a bundled package, schools that receive funds will have to report how effective the program is in saving students money, and the Government Accountability Office will report the price trends of textbooks to Congress by 2017.”

“Anyone interested in learning more about the Affordable College Textbook Act can hear Texas Congressman Rubén Hinojosa speak at Rice University on March 31 at 10:30 a.m. He will deliver the keynote address for the CNX 2014 “Making OER Work,” the two-day conference that will discuss the future of open education resources.”



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