The Marissa Alexander Freedom School at @Pleasant_Hope (Apr. 14-18) @FreeMarissa @HeberBrown #spreadtheword

Those that have heard of Pleasant Hope Baptist Church, know that they are a SOCIAL JUSTICE church, meaning no one is allowed to just attend church. PHBC has a “Do As You Praise” Policy. Don’t believe me? Just watch.. on Sundays at 10:00 AM (430 East Belvedere Avenue Baltimore, Maryland 21212).

There you will witness Pastor Brown (@HeberBrown) pull you out of a world of despair and inequality to equip you with, not only knowledge of you noble ancestry, but also verses of mass destruction, sermons full of ammunition, and refill you with love that is strong enough conquer your worst enemy. When you leave his church you feel…PROUD and ready to take on the world for 6 more days. *sermon voice*

Back to the topic.

In a previous post, I wrote about the release of political prisoner, Eddie Conway. PHBC played a pivotal role in this story due to its community initiatives like the Eddie Conway Freedom School. This program seeks to provide middle and high school aged youths with an African-centered analysis of race, history, class, grassroots organizing, and personal awareness. By titling the program in honor of political prisoners, the youths are given an “vision” of what the skills learned in the program should be used for — the fight against injustice.  Please spread the word and encourage our youths to attend.

Here’s PHBC official announcement of this year’s Freedom School sessions:

Next week is Baltimore City Public Schools’ Spring Break and instead of students sitting home with nothing productive to do, we’re inviting youth (especially middle school-age youth) to join us at The Marissa Alexander Freedom School at Pleasant Hope Baptist Church. Using Sista Marissa’s ordeal as a backdrop, we’ll have interactive discussions and training on healthy relationships, domestic violence, sexual assault, spirituality & social justice, and a range of other issues.We’ll also have fun exploring the ways that technology and art can be used as tools of self-expression, resistance to oppression, and communal empowerment. The Freedom School will be Monday – Friday from 9AM – 2PM. If you’d like to register your middle schooler, make a financial donation, or volunteer some time next week, please email Shamija Jackson at mijamoncur[at]



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