West Coast Business: Young Actors Audition for the N.W.A Straight Outta Compton Movie and Here’s a Few that we Should Watch Out For!

Can’t WAIT for this movie! Thanks Uncommonrealist for the post!

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If you didn’t know casting has been happening for the upcoming N.W.A Movie! Many have auditioned but, who will make the cut? This film will be directed by F. Gary Gray and produced by Ice Cube, Tomica Woods-Wright, Matt Alvarez and Dr. Dre. I have a few people here that auditioned, let me introduce them to you!


Meet Marquett “Dior” Drayton who auditioned for the role as Ice Cube. Dior is from the Carolina’s, but now resides in LA. He is an entrepreneur, with his own sneaker/hat business. Dior is also a rapper/singer with his own group, Young Royalty Music Group. Want to wish him luck? Follow him on Twitter @scchild

zach hilton

Meet Zach Hinton who auditioned for the  role as MC Ren. Zach is an Actor, Comedian, Host and current intern for Cumulus. He is also a radio personality on UMKC Radio. Want to wish him…

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