How racial consciousness changed my way of seeing the world

Black Women of Brazil

Kendy Neris

Note from BW of BrazilI’m sure there must be some who read this blog that wonder why a common theme here is the development of black identity. As was explained in other posts, the development of blackness in Brazil encounters several obstacles among the general population. Blackness in Brazil was always deemed something negative; something ugly, associated with poverty and ignorance.  As whiteness was always considered superior by elites (and the general population as well), miscegenation became a solution to the “black problem” and a policy for the disappearance of the black phenotype in the late 19th century.

Another important measure in pushing for the collective “erasure” of blackness was the exclusion of the category “race” in the census of 1900 and 1920, an idea that was welcomed by intellectual João Ribeiro. In his 1923 article “Brancos de toda cor”, meaning “whites of every color”, Ribeiro wrote:…

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