Brazil and United States promote cultural exchange program between black public school students

Black Women of Brazil

Brasil e EUA promovem intercâmbio entre estudantes negros de escolas públicas

Note from BW of Brazil: Historical and cultural connections, common slave histories as well as struggles against social exclusion, inequality and racism have just a few of the similarities that have provoked exchanges of dialogue between African descendants in Brazil and the United States. The leading economic and political position of the US in the world has exposed millions of black Brazilians to the history of African-American struggle and increasingly, African-Americans are becoming more aware of this struggle in the Afro-Brazilian population. Various sources show us that this dialogue between Afro-Brazilian and African-American organizations can be traced to at least the 1930s, accelerating in the 1970s with the influence of the Civil Rights/Black Power movements on the Movimento Negro Unificado and up to today with more black Americans visiting Brazil and the ongoing influence of black American culture on black Brazil. There is so much to learn from…

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