@Enstrumental and my obession with pro-black attire #SupportBlackBusiness

I have an obsession for loud, articulate, and insightful things. Whether it be a person, place, or object, if it makes me think…feel…or react, I’m in love.

I really can’t pin point the way I came across @Enstrumental, but I’m  pretty sure I was on a random web search, which consequently  lead me through a rabbit hole of links that finally ended at @Enstrumental. My first reaction? “Fuck yea.”

What sets @Enstrumental apart from other conscious clothing brands like@dangerousNEGRO (no offense, I’m a loyal customer) and……(feel free to comment below on other brands that are out there) are the stories behind each item. Everything is well thought out and engages the reader/wearer/purchaser to learn more about the “purpose” of the item. Yes, @dangerousNEGRO mirrors these characteristics, but @Enstrumental has something DIFFERENT and is unapologetic about it. 

How many companies can say that? Oh and one last thing, hip-hop is a prominent element in their line. I admire how this clothing line drops knowledge and history with tees and hoodie, but is not overtly outshining the hip-hop appeal of the brand.  I swear this brand is everything I look for in a man LOL brains, swag, and a knack for rebelling against  societal norms.

Needless to say, I’m a fan. I bought 2 shirts (one of them below) and rock them mostly at hip-hop shows, yeah it’s like that.  Click on pictures to be directed to their website for purchases, support!


For your viewing pleasure (Wood Harris) :-*


The shirt I purchased.


I just really LOVE this one…my next purchase.



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