“Just Don’t Call Them Afro-Latino” by @WhosWorld #Garifuna [MUST READ]

Arzu-Brown understands the importance of knowing one’s history and culture. Having worked in the media corporate world for companies like ESPN and Time Warner, Inc. she always noticed that people who knew where they came from were more outspoken and knew what they wanted. Not knowing why, she was intimidated in those meetings, not speaking up and not asking questions. That changed when her journey of learning about her history started. “Knowing who you are really changes your self-esteem. There was a point I was very insecure and I didn’t realize it was because I had an identity issue,” she said.

Read more at: http://www.voicesofny.org/2014/06/just-dont-call-them-afro-latino/

I truly enjoyed reading this article. With so many discrepancies of the history of the Garifuna people, this article captures the essence of the culture through the lens of a descendant determined to unify her people. As a fellow Garifuna-American, I rejoice in this consistent message of preservation throughout the article and within our community. Please read and take part in this evolving dialogue.




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