@msjwilly Takes A Jab At The Army’s Hair Regulations On “The Daily Show” (VIDEO)

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Remember that one U.S. Army regulation regarding African-American women and their hair? The rule AR670-1 prohibits women from wearing their hair in dreadlocks, twists larger than a quarter of an inch in diameter, and other natural hairstyles that are deemed “unkempt.”

The perceived racist regulations were not stated without a list of alternatives, though. The Army provided women with options of getting their hair straightened, permed, micro-braided, cornrowed, or wearing a wig–all of which take added time and money and speak to the effect of Eurocentric beauty standards being unfairly forced onto black women.

Well, television personality Jessica Williams took jabs at the regulation on The Daily Show with a segment called “Operation Black Hair,” and it’s pretty hilarious. Williams playfully directed her message towards “white people,” shedding light on all the factors that go into keeping “black hair.” And to make sure…

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