Meanwhile, In Racism: Illinois Police List Black Suspect As “Dark Negro,” Asks Facebook If The Slur Is Offensive (DETAILS)

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A news report by Illinois station WGRZ 2 On Your Side is shedding light on the use of an offensive racial epithet used by Lockport Police to describe a black suspect.

Problem is, the department isn’t sure if the slur “negro” is offensive or not. Go figure.

It all began when 2 On Your Sidereceived a mugshot of a man suspected of a shooting. On the mugshot, the man is labeled as a “dark negro.”

The mug shot was of 19-year-old Shamir Allen. He’s a suspect in several shootings in the city. We looked further on the mug shot and found next to line labeled “complexion,” that Allen is listed as a “negro.” Next to negro it reads “DA”

According to Lockport Police, this means dark.

So, Shamir Allen, a 19-year-old suspect is listed as a “dark negro,” in the Lockport Police database.

Yes. That happened. To make matters…

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