#BookOfTheMonth #Americanah

S/O to Nyah for recommending this book! Chimamanda Adichie’s books are always a pleasure to read. She has an incredible ability in making you “feel” what she writes.  Nyah passed this book along to me because, as an international student, she experienced a lot of what the main character/author shares in her writing. I, on the other hand, share these experience from a different side of the coin, as a G1 (first generation American) and a member of an under-reported population, Garifuna. Oh how I cringe when people see my skin color and hear my last name and try to come up with hypos that justify my existence!

“Did your mom marry a Mexican and he gave you his last name because your dad wasn’t around?”

Yea, that happened.

Needless to say, I look forward to reading this book and encourage all of you to join me!


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