One Word: #Police by @cutnews

” Detached…If you look at a lot of the police in the police departments, they don’t actually live in the neighborhoods they’re protecting.” (1:47)

For me, Terrorist. I stand firm on the notion that one community’s terrorist is another’s freedom fighter. Communities of color aren’t being protected, they’re being terrorized by the police while they prioritize their interests in protecting themselves. There is a serious disconnect of what police officer are PAID to police and CREATED to protect.

(I know I can go father down the rabbit home with this but I’m going to rein it in…)

When police officers take off their uniforms they are citizens just like the rest of us and we should all be held to the same standards and expectations of the law, on and off duty. But police officers are special; they can kill in fear and not be held accountable for their actions. I fear them, so should I shoot an officer when I feel threatened? Self-defense is a fluid bitch.

All I’m saying is…

Probable cause based on racism and stereotypes is unlawful (I chose my words carefully) because it give officers free will to base their actions on “reasonable” assumption from experiences. Now think. If certain police officers are trained to uses racist and abrasive tactics, and the SCOTUS has constantly upheld such tactics as constitutional, then what happens? Mike Brown, Eric Garner, etc.

So who do we blame, the kids with rotten teeth or the parents that keep giving them candy?

Let me dumb it down…

Cops are trained terrorists that have targeted communities of color for centuries. They’ve been trained by America’s Jim Crows and Wllie Lynches and probably don’t realize the extent of these historical figures have on their jobs and how they do their jobs. But that’s no excuse. You KNOW killing is wrong and you KNOW that if you have a gun and the other person doesn’t, the odds are in your favor. So STOP the bullshit. EDUCATE you’re officers. Be ACCOUNTABLE for your actions and HISTORY. Only HIRE officers that LIVE in the community they PROTECT. BUILD trust within communities of color.


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