#CalledInBlack from my blog, but I’m back! @EVEEEEEZY

Sooooo I’ve been gone for a minute. Why? 1) I got a new job (clutch) 2) I got into law school (double clutch) and 3) I just couldn’t deal with all the deaths in the black community, let alone posting about it daily. Seriously, I felt at one point that each post I started to write was a eulogy to the world. I wanted to shine light on the issues that affected our community not turn this blog into a urn. So I found myself holding sister circles with my girls talking out our frustration, crying out our grief, and I began to cope.

But then #SandraBland happened. A bit older than me, just as ambitious, and while in my state…she was killed. I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t live. This “one more” black, young, and gifted person broke me.

I had to “call in black” from life.

s/o to @EVEEEEEZY for this video, thank you for vocalizing our need for a pause button from all this madness. But most importantly, thank you for shining a light on the potential mental health issues this trauma can cause. Though we can’t control the over-exposure of black lives being slaughtered, we can at least share the importance of “calling in black” once in a while.


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