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“Just Don’t Call Them Afro-Latino” by @WhosWorld #Garifuna [MUST READ]

Arzu-Brown understands the importance of knowing one’s history and culture. Having worked in the media corporate world for companies like ESPN and Time Warner, Inc. she always noticed that people who knew where they came from were more outspoken and knew what they wanted. Not knowing why, she was intimidated in those meetings, not speaking […]

“Award Winning, Independent Fictional Film, “Garifuna In Peril Movie” has been released on DVD.” – @beinggarifuna #garifuna #independentfilm

The Award Winning, Independent Fictional Film, Garifuna In Peril Movie has been released on DVD. Read more about the release here: Those interested in buying the DVD can order it off of

“Mes de la Herencia Africana en #Honduras” [Honduras celebrates #African Heritage Month] and @OFRANEH responds #Garifuna #BHM

One thing to consider before reading this – there is much controversy regarding the origins of the Garifuna people. The information presented below (and what you read online/books/or heard) is a “heavily reported truth” rather than fact. Regardless, the essence of this post is that a Latin country is celebrating and acknowledging it’s Afro-descendant community. […]

El mes de la Herencia Africana y el despojo al pueblo Garífuna

Originally posted on ofraneh:
Desde el año 2002, en Honduras, abril por decreto se convirtió en el mes de la herencia africana, al mismo tiempo que el Estado de Honduras implementa desde hace décadas, una estrategia de despojo de los remanentes del territorio ancestral del pueblo Garífuna. La inciativa estatal de reconocimiento al bagaje cultural…

Going back home… [photo]

  I’m not a pessimistic person. I went home to Honduras to visit family and take care of some business. My [very short] time there was accompained by a barrell of emotions, meetings, and awareness. I’m not a pessimistic person. While in Honduras, I met a man in my nieghborhood who asked me to help […]

Home for the week. [PHOTO] #springbreak

Just landed today and I’m already dreading the climate change. My welcome home gift: a heat wave hit to my face after spending the last 6 month in winter conditions. A visit to the beach and a ice cold coconut will change my outlook.

#GarifunaHeritageMonth starts TOMORROW! Hispanic, Latino, Or Afro-Latino ? @nprnews @TellMeMoreNPR #barbershop

I came across this NPR conversation that took place in 2009. It tries to address whether people with Spanish ties want to be identified as Hispanic or Latinos. What I found interesting and encouraging was that race was placed on the forefront of the discussion. Thank you Roland Roebuck. As we begin Garifuna Heritage Month, […]