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The #Ferguson Kids put it plain and simple…#colorblindness is killing America

It amazes me that Darren Wilson has not been arrested. It amazes me that Darren Wilson has not been killed. It amazes me that children are more conscious than adults in this matter. It amazes me that children have to be blunt and defer their innocence of the world to make White America understand what […]

Meanwhile, In Racism: Illinois Police List Black Suspect As “Dark Negro,” Asks Facebook If The Slur Is Offensive (DETAILS)

Originally posted on Global Grind:
A news report by Illinois station WGRZ 2 On Your Side is shedding light on the use of an offensive racial epithet used by Lockport Police to describe a black suspect. Problem is, the department isn’t sure if the slur “negro” is offensive or not. Go figure. It all began when 2…

@msjwilly Takes A Jab At The Army’s Hair Regulations On “The Daily Show” (VIDEO)

Originally posted on Global Grind:
[ione_embed src= service=mtv width=600 height=335 type=iframe] Remember that one U.S. Army regulation regarding African-American women and their hair? The rule AR670-1 prohibits women from wearing their hair in dreadlocks, twists larger than a quarter of an inch in diameter, and other natural hairstyles that are deemed “unkempt.” The perceived racist regulations…

#WhitePrivilege with a side of Potato Salad @gofundme @YeshaCallahan

So, this happened… I am writing you today to ask that you assist me in acquiring some white privilege. Although I have layered oppressions that have affected my ability to access my slice of the American Pie™, no issue has affected me more readily than my lack of white privilege. From being assumed to have […]

New Civil Rights Suit Calls School Closures Discriminatory – @Colorlines

New Civil Rights Suit Calls School Closures Discriminatory – COLORLINES.

Students of Color and Law School: Luring vs. Learning – @TheNLJ

“At law schools across the country, the message students of color perceive is pretty simple: Conformity is the key to success. If you don’t conform and fit in, you will not succeed. It may seem that I am oversimplifying, but allow me to explain. Only 4.8 percent of the 1.2 million lawyers in America are […]

“Mes de la Herencia Africana en #Honduras” [Honduras celebrates #African Heritage Month] and @OFRANEH responds #Garifuna #BHM

One thing to consider before reading this – there is much controversy regarding the origins of the Garifuna people. The information presented below (and what you read online/books/or heard) is a “heavily reported truth” rather than fact. Regardless, the essence of this post is that a Latin country is celebrating and acknowledging it’s Afro-descendant community. […]