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#WhitePrivilege with a side of Potato Salad @gofundme @YeshaCallahan

So, this happened… I am writing you today to ask that you assist me in acquiring some white privilege. Although I have layered oppressions that have affected my ability to access my slice of the American Pie™, no issue has affected me more readily than my lack of white privilege. From being assumed to have […]

@DearWhitePeople [MUST WATCH] #AboutTime

Enough said…    

New Civil Rights Suit Calls School Closures Discriminatory – @Colorlines

New Civil Rights Suit Calls School Closures Discriminatory – COLORLINES.

James Baldwin and Dick Gregory: “Baldwin’s Nigger” (1969)

“But what one does realize is that, when you try to stand up and look the world in the face like you had a right to be here, when you do that, without knowing the result of it, you have attacked the entire power structure of the WESTERN world. If I one fine day I […]

11 Things You Didn’t Know About The Time Police Bombed An American Neighborhood #MOVE

Originally posted on Global Grind:
On May 13, 1985, a bomb was dropped on a row house in Philadelphia, unleashing a relentless fire that eventually burned down 61 houses, killed 11 people (including five children) and injured dozens. The fire department stood by idly. The Philadelphia Police Department did the same. The fire raged on,…

“Award Winning, Independent Fictional Film, “Garifuna In Peril Movie” has been released on DVD.” – @beinggarifuna #garifuna #independentfilm

The Award Winning, Independent Fictional Film, Garifuna In Peril Movie has been released on DVD. Read more about the release here: Those interested in buying the DVD can order it off of

Students of Color and Law School: Luring vs. Learning – @TheNLJ

“At law schools across the country, the message students of color perceive is pretty simple: Conformity is the key to success. If you don’t conform and fit in, you will not succeed. It may seem that I am oversimplifying, but allow me to explain. Only 4.8 percent of the 1.2 million lawyers in America are […]