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@DearWhitePeople [MUST WATCH] #AboutTime

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“Just Don’t Call Them Afro-Latino” by @WhosWorld #Garifuna [MUST READ]

Arzu-Brown understands the importance of knowing one’s history and culture. Having worked in the media corporate world for companies like ESPN and Time Warner, Inc. she always noticed that people who knew where they came from were more outspoken and knew what they wanted. Not knowing why, she was intimidated in those meetings, not speaking […]

Supreme Court rebukes Obama on recess appointments

#FreedomSummer and my blog’s anniversary. #Freedom50 #takeitthere @theroots

“I’m going down to Mississippi I’m going down a Southern road And if you never see me again Remember that I had to go” Nearly a year ago I started this blog due to my frustration with DOMA’s success overshadowing a more pertinent issue in our country, voting rights. I felt, and continue to feel, that as […]

#BlackArt in #Baltimore – Malcolm X, Nina Simone, and James Baldwin [PHOTO]

@Enstrumental and my obession with pro-black attire #SupportBlackBusiness

I have an obsession for loud, articulate, and insightful things. Whether it be a person, place, or object, if it makes me think…feel…or react, I’m in love. I really can’t pin point the way I came across @Enstrumental, but I’m  pretty sure I was on a random web search, which consequently  lead me through a rabbit hole […]

Brazil and United States promote cultural exchange program between black public school students

Originally posted on Black Women of Brazil:
Note from BW of Brazil: Historical and cultural connections, common slave histories as well as struggles against social exclusion, inequality and racism have just a few of the similarities that have provoked exchanges of dialogue between African descendants in Brazil and the United States. The leading economic and…